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Briton on trial for threatening Indian crew on Emirates flight

Dubai, Sep 11 (IANS): A British national is facing trial in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for threatening an Indian air hostess on an Emirates airlines flight, media reported.

The 40-year-old unidentified suspect called the air hostess, 30, a "trash, monkey, and sex slave" and allegedly threatened to punch her during a flight from London to Dubai, Gulf News reported Wednesday.

"The suspect kept asking for alcohol. When we served lunch, he started throwing food on the floor and eating off of it. I asked him to remain civil as I cleaned up the mess. But he started tugging at my shirt, yelling profanities. He also threatened to punch me," the report quoted the victim as telling prosecutors.

The suspect then went to the washroom and lit a cigarette which triggered an alarm.

"When the passengers panicked hearing the alarm, the suspect started throwing food at them. He also threatened to wreck the plane," the woman added.

The man was arrested when the plane landed.

The case continues.