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Campaign to create awareness about Sikhism

National Sikh Campaign is an initiative to stop hate crimes against Sikh community in USA

Chicago, May 25 (UITV): A community outreach programme to inform Americans about the Sikh religion and culture, has been initiated by US-based Sikh advocacy group. The programme encourages Gurdwaras across the USA to host ‘Sikh Open House’ to educate people on Sikhism.

The National Sikh Campaign (NSC) announced the national month of community outrage, which is a part of its on-going campaign “We Are Sikhs”. The outreach programme will run until June 25.

 The intention behind campaign is to improve awareness about Sikhism and Sikh-Americans throughout the US, especially in the immediate neighbourhoods where Sikhs live and worship.

"The Month of Community Outreach is being launched to get the maximum exposure to the Sikh community at the local level in combination with the national campaign," said Rajwant Singh.

This is to be noted that, the 'We Are Sikhs' campaign has been running advertisements on television and social media.

"There is already a positive response from Americans from across the nation and this grassroots outreach initiative will strengthen bonds at the local level with our neighbours," he said.

"Sikh Americans are pillars of their communities in every corner of the nation. They run local businesses, serve on their local Parent Teacher Associations and lead Boy Scout Troops, for example. Sikhs believe deeply in the freedom to pursue one’s own success through hard work and serving their communities - ideals fundamental to the American Dream," said Jasvir Kaur, NSCs team member in Chicago.