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Can’t believe this win!! - US Election Poll tracker

Rivalry between the Democratic Hilary and Republican Trump

The numbers have started to tighten as we approach the result day, amid the crisis and rivalry between the Democratic Hilary and Republican Trump.

Has the FBI probe affected Hilary’s numbers?

The bad news for Hilary is that the polls have started to tighten and the FBI chief  James Comey has ordered a probe under her email controversy.

People who were enthusiastic about her went down from 51% to 47%. And all the voters who want to get to know more on the email scandal, think that there is “more than what we know” and some republican supporters are saying they will vote to Mrs. Clinton in spite of it.

The forecast of Hilary and Trump rivalry has been running for few months now.

And the reporting by different websites gives raise to speculations, which reveals more than that is required. The prediction of the polls with specific mathematical patterns gives the following numbers.

These numbers just don’t give you quantitative data, but they tell a story for the future.

The candidates will focus on several key states. Below are the averages in crucial states with a new poll in the past month and at least three polls in 2016. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

The sub-division of states will give way for decoding the strategy of the presidential candidates. This shows on what platform, on which date, the presidential candidate should go out and take forward their campaigning is a revelation that is worth having a look and understanding.

There are totally 191 string democratic states and 154 strong republican states.

For the clear understanding of the daily happenings in the United Stated for the election polls, you must visit:


On a strange fact, government officials told US media that investigators had established the new emails, which were personal or were the duplicates of the correspondence that they had previous reviewed.

Both candidates are set for a whistle-stop tour of battleground states on Monday, in a last-ditch dash for votes.

Mrs. Clinton will start the day in Michigan and then head to Philadelphia.

It’s not operational research or rocket science but when you see those numbers, you will be sure of your next president!