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Can you gamble in North Korea?

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Gambling is prohibited in North Korea, and there are only two land-based casinos in the Country. The Imperial Hotel and Casino is located in Rason and the Pyongyang Casino in Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang. The country borders China to the north and northwest, while a section of the Tumen River borders Russia to the northeast.

The Japanese surrendered in World War II, and Korea was divided into two zones by the Soviet Union who occupied North Korea while the Americans occupied the south.

The internet has been used as a tool that facilitates gambling. Players in the country experience strict policies since this famous country is isolated from the world. The government monitors online activities and punishes lawbreakers with jail terms and death. Please read the full details of our expert Wang Mi-Sun (view author) on whether it's possible to gamble in North Korea.

North Korea gambling background

Gambling activities are very different in North Korea, considering that the country undergoes total dictatorship under President Kim Jong-un. Casino business set its foot in North Korea in 1990 after investors from Hong Kong and Macau were permitted to open casinos in the country. In China, gambling is deemed illegal, and North Korea only allows tourists to gamble in their country.

The government has deemed online gambling illegal; therefore, citizens are charged when caught in the act. It is disturbing to allow tourists to gamble while citizens suffer heavy consequences when arrested.

Internet access is regulated by the government making it challenging to access the world web. Citizens are only permitted to access a Kwangmyong network. In addition, the network is also highly monitored, and only a few have full access to the internet in North Korea.

Although tourists from the US and Canada can play in the country, they have to deposit and withdraw their winnings using cryptocurrency. The government has invested much in gambling in Asia, and the nation owns a third of all Japanese pachinko facilities.

Online gambling in North Korea.

Online gambling is taboo, but the state does not block online gambling platforms. However, restrictions have given rise to many software providers. Experts have created software that can be downloaded on PCs allowing North Koreans to play in various online casinos supported by their computer. 북한인들은 kr-casinos.com에서 전문가들이 리뷰한 플랫폼 중 일부를 이용할 수 있습니다.

The use of VPNs has also helped players hide their IP addresses and access available online gambling sites. Technology has made gambling in Korea more accessible than before. Citizens use cryptocurrency to gamble in international casinos that accept them. Internet access is limited, making it extremely difficult for North Koreans to engage in crypto gambling.  North Korea has also not provided information about regulation in crypto gambling. However, the ban on gambling is likely to cover bitcoin gambling.

Popular casino games played in North Korea

Poker is among the popular card games played in the country’s land-based casinos. However, casinos in Korea accept tourists only. Poker is a game of skill, knowledge, and observation that has gained a massive following.  Slots are also a favorite option in the country, and the word stands for dice in the Korean language. While many Koreans prefer to play poker and slots, blackjack is also a popular game in black clubs. The game was popularized in South Korea in the 70s.

Why should Korea legalize gambling

Online gambling is an area of growth, and many countries have generated massive revenue from the industry. Restrictions in the industry have led to an increase in cyber attacks. Countries such as South Korea have realized the potential of the iGaming market and are working on the legalization process. Poland has also followed suit in taking gambling laws in parliament for further debates.

Various provinces in Canada and the US have started allowing gambling activities. Gambling is a huge industry that has embraced technology. Players are looking for tech methods that will aid in gambling, such as cloud gaming, crypto, and VPN. Technology is evolving, and players are looking for more convenient means that escape heavy rules.

Is gambling illegal in Korea? Gambling is unlawful, and the government imposed heavy rules that punish offenders. However, tourists are allowed to play their favorite games in Pyongyang Casino.