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Canada Defense Minister Apologizes For His Role in Operation Medusa

Harjit Sajjan

Canada, May 4 (UITV) - Harjit Sajjan Who is serving as a Canada’s defence minister faced a barrage of attacks in Parliament from opposition leaders and they sought Sajjan's resignation over a “false” remark he made during a speech in New Delhi last month regarding his role in an operation in Afghanistan.

Sajjan told the House: “I would like to apologise for my mistake in describing my role, and retract that statement, and I’m truly sorry for it.” He was forced to repeat that apology multiple times during the session.

Sajjan came under repeated fire for claiming to have been the “architect” of Operation Medusa,Which happened in Afghanistan in 2006.

“He acknowledged his responsibility and apologised for it; that’s what Canadians expect when one makes a mistake.”Prime Minister Trudeau said, By defending Indo-Canadian minister.

However, that did not calm the opposition.

Conservative leader Rona Ambrose said, “People in the military have a name for what he did: It’s called ‘stolen valour’ when someone takes credit for the brave actions of another.”

“That is not something you apologise for, it’s something that you have to step down for.”by Tom Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic Party.

“The response to my remarks about Operation Medusa has been a good reminder of something important for me as a leader — always set a standard that honours those you serve. Another reminder is to own your mistakes. I made a mistake ‎in describing my role. I wish to retract that description and apologise for it. I am truly sorry.”by Sajjan in social media to retract his mark.

Video Source: Youtube