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Canadian PM issued a statement on Komagata Maru

Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau during his apology speech in House of Commons in 2016


Ottawa, May 25 (UITV): Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau had been made a formal apology on Komagata Maru incident in Canadian House of Commons on 18th May ,2016. After a year, The Prime Minister again issued a statement on the same. The incident involved Japanese steamship Komagata Maru on which a group of citizens of the British Raj attempted to immigrate to Canada in 1914 but were denied entry.


Prime Minister told, “ More than a century ago today, a great injustice took place when most of the 376 passengers onboard the Komagata Maru steamship were denied entry into Canada and forced to return to India where some were killed and many imprisoned.”


 "Last year, I stood in the House of Commons to apologize on the behalf of the Government of Canada to all those affected by this tragic incident. An unjust federal law ultimately led to these passengers being turned away. For that grave injustice and for the regrettable consequences that followed, we are sorry" Trudeau added. The Prime Minister made honours to the victims of the tragedy and their descendants through his statement.


In this Incident, a Ship was carrying 376 passengers from Punjab, British colonial India to Canada. The Canadian Authority allowed only 24 passengers to entry in Canada and 352 were forced back to India. Interestingly, most of the passengers were Sikhs on that Ship.


Komagata Maru incident in 1914


"Trudeau's apology in the House of Commons today is a historic moment for Canadian Sikhs and recognizes the dark chapter the Komagata Maru tragedy marks in Canada's history" World Sikh Organization president Mukhbir Singh had been remarked last year after Trudeau’s apology in House of Commons.


This is to be noted that, Canadian Opposition party leader Rona Ambrose, BQ leader Tom Mulcair, Green Party leader Elizabeth May also had been added their voice to apology and made their individual remarks on the same.

Prime Minister’s apology speech in 2016