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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau lauds Indo-Canadian community for ‘countless contributions’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Montreal, June 23 (UITV)- Indo-Canadian community of Greater Montreal organized a dinner reception at the Holiday Inn to honor 19 Indo-Canadian MPs, the highest ever in the Canadian parliament, including four federal ministers, who were elected in last October’s federal elections.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognizes the importance of the “countless contributions” that the 1.3 million-strong Indo-Canadian community has made to the development of Canada. In his written message to organizers of June 19 dinner reception; he referred to the recent official apology he offered in the House of Commons “for the Government of Canada’s role in the tragedy that befell the passengers of the ship Komagata Maru in 1914.”

Dr Harinder Ahluwalia, chief organizer of the event, laid emphasis on how skilled Indo-Canadians can play a transformative role in reshaping the Canadian economy in the coming years and so he urged the Canadian government to harness the potential to the Indo-Canadians.

Ahluwalia, an expert in remote sensing and advanced research in environmental studies and founder of Info-Electronics System in Montreal, suggested “One of the key areas in which the Indo-Canadian community can contribute significantly in the coming years is in strengthening our knowledge- based economy by leveraging our volatile resource-based economy.”

In his welcoming remarks, Dr. Harjit Bhabra of John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, spoke of how Indo-Canadians have become one of the fastest growing communities in the country and the second largest non-European ethnic groups. He attributed election of 19 MPs and naming of four Indo-Canadians as federal ministers to the active participation of Indo-Canadians in Canada’s public service.

Of the four Indo-Canadian federal ministers, only Bardish Chaggar, Minister of Small Business and Tourism, was able to attend the dinner reception.