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Carrie Underwood shows off her scar

Carrie Underwood

Nashville (US), Oct 6 (UITV/IANS)- Singer Carrie Underwood, who fell outside her Nashville home in November last year, proudly showed off her scar in a throwback selfie.

On Friday, the 35-year-old shared a close-up selfie on Instagram, showing off some colourful face make-up from her "Love wins" music video, which released in September.

With her hair pulled back from her face, Underwood's scar above her lip is made more evident, which was a result of her nasty fall last November, reports people.com.

"#FBF (Flashback Friday) to filming the 'Love wins' music video," she wrote alongside the photograph of her pouting for the camera.

The photograph comes six months after Underwood first revealed an image of half her face post-accident on social media.