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CAVES – Beautiful Of The Lot

The color glorifies the image of the cave

Argentina. March 15. UITV. A remote glacial lake that spans the Chile-Argentina border, formed by 6,000-plus years of waves washing up against calcium carbonate, the smooth, swirling blues of the cavern walls are a reflection of the lake’s azure waters, which change in intensity and hue, depending on water levels and time of year.

It was dubbed as the most beautiful cave network in the world. Also called the Marble Cathedral, the intricate caverns are part of a peninsula made of solid marble surrounded by the glacial Lake. The swirling pattern on the cave interiors are a reflection of the lake’s azure waters, which change depending on the water levels dictated by weather and season.

In early spring, the shallow waters are turquoise and creates a crystalline shimmer against the caves’ swirling walls. The water levels are significantly affected by the freezing and melting of the surrounding glaciers.

Or is it the waters thtat is making the colors happen?


A boat is needed to access the caves. But though the journey is long and challenging, many agree the enchanting beauty of the caves is definitely worth the effort.

'It is the water that formed the unique shapes of the marble walls,' explained Ms Waidehofer in her book on the caverns, Blue Light.

'Originally great ice-fields blocked the western end of the lake - today its glacier-fed waters drain into the Pacific Ocean.

'Geologists have a simple explanation for the breath-taking blue of this giant lake.

'They talk of finely ground glacial silt which makes the water an unearthly blue and crystal clear.

'These waters are magic.'

Video Source: Youtube