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Chagos will be the topic of British Parliament


London, July 10 (UITV): The Chagos issue will be taken up in the British Parliament on Monday as the Parliament will mark the work of House of Commons.


Patrick Grady, a member of the Scottish National Party and elected from the Glasgow North region, will address his questions to Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.



The hon. Member for Glasgow North will first seek to inquire about the labor laws that are currently in force within what they call the British Indian Ocean Territory. He will also investigate whether the Secretary of State intends to react to the United Nations Vote on the Chagos.


Finally, Patrick Grady wants to know what amount of £ 40 million Chagossian Assistance Package has been given to date to people of Chagossian origin.


It should be noted that the creation of this Assistance Package was announced by the British government last November.



by Ujjainee Chakraborty