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Cheyenne Frontier Days, USA

Cheyenne Frontier Days

The world’s largest outdoor rodeo, Cheyenne Frontier Days , happens to be located in America’s least populous state: Wyoming . Cheyenne’s population virtually doubles in midsummer with this institution of the American West, which dates back to 1897. With ten days of bronco-busts, parades, free pancake breakfasts, carnivals, square dances, the greatest names in country western music, and the world’s largest collection of horse-drawn carriages, Frontier Days is a dizzying spectacle.

If this is your cup of tea (or your mug of “black Joe”), you may appreciate the cultural revisionism at play at Frontier Days. Cowboys and Indians aren’t shooting at each other, but instead cowboy poets go spur-to-spur while an Indian village hosts dancing, storytelling, cuisine and crafts. Of course, in real life, the history of the American West was a little messier but it’s nice to see everyone getting along at this “feel good” festival.