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China is surprised by Indian media

Feydhoo Finolhu Island, this uninhabited island previously used for Maldives Police Service activities

Male, May 4 (UITV)- China is surprised by the Indian media report. This is happened when an Indian media reported a story, showing concerns about an Island of Maldives.

According to the media report, the government of Maldives leased “Feydhoo Finolhu”, an uninhabited island near the capital city of Maldives. Maldives’s government leased that island to a Chinese company for 50 years at a cost of $ 4 million but the name of the company is yet to be disclosed.

The Chinese ambassador to Maldives, Wang Fukang told to a media conference that China is surprised to see the concerns of Indian Media on Maldives. “Foreign investors are important to Maldives tourism and economy, I think, Maldives is open to all foreign investors”, he added.

Wang Fukang, the Chinese ambassador to Maldives is welcoming Chinese tourist in the Island country

This is to be noted that, the island country recently amended its Tourism Act, which allows the government to lease islands without a bidding process. Feydhoo Finolhu was among those 11 islands which have been listed by the government of Maldives to be leased without bid.

Written by Ujjainee Chakraborty