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The coast of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Worth splureing all your annual leave in January for. Spend your New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo and then stay on for a couple more weeks and head up the coast to any number of preposterously gorgeous, barefoot-n-bikini-chic beach havens. So many to choose from! So many thousands of miles of empty, golden sand, striped with the shadows of palm trees and lapped by surf or turquoise waters.

Beautiful people drinking caipirinhas at the coolest beach parties. The kind of places that really get our travel clichés rolling. Trancoso, in Bahia, the original and still one of the best. Fernando de Noronha. Surfy Itacaré, Canavierias, Barra Grande. The no-car islands of Boipeba and Tinharé. Sao Luís, Jericoacoara, the wild and stunning north-east coast.