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Colonial emigration of Indians, a forgotten chapter of history

Front and back cover of book

Port of Spain, 05-Jan-2019 (UITV) - What was your history? Digging into deeper is worthy.

"We Mark Your Memory: Writing from the Descendants of Indenture" a book about Indian-Caribbean people in which 28 stories, essays, and free-verse are there for readers. It was published in April 2018 by the Commonwealth Writers Foundation and the School of Advanced Study, University of London.

India was one of the more populated colonies under British rule. So, British invented Indenture system to carry out labor work of sugar plantations in other colonies. Through Indenture system many people had gone to overseas for work.

Indians were commonly known as coolies, but they liked to refer to themselves as jahajis — brothers/sisters who arrived together on a jahaj (ship). There are many stories of Indians facing hardships.
One of book editors David Dabydeen says “The knowledge of the history of indentureship in Britain is absolutely minimal. We know much more about slavery of black Americans than we know about the Indian workers who went across in 1838 to work on the sugar plantations.” He is also a former Guyanese ambassador to UNESCO.

The book "We Mark Your Memory: Writing from the Descendants of Indenture" is a best thing to remember the history and to understand their ancestors for Indian diasporas. So, don’t miss to read this book.