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Cumberland, a beautiful island

Cumberland island, USA

St. Marys, 11 Feb (UITV) - Beaches, dunes, marshes, historic sites, structuresand freshwater lakes in an island make a perfect holiday. And Cumberland Island is the best choice which  is the largest of the Sea Islands of the southeastern United States. Cumberland is one of the largest undeveloped barrier islands along the Georgia coast.

Wild horses
The abundance of wildlife untouched by the outside world would amaze tourists, people get historical knowledge as well as relaxation after visiting this place.

Camping site
People who like wilderness camping will surely praise the
Cumberland, because facilities required for camping are available. Each camping site has a grill, fire ring, food cage, picnic table and restroom facilities with cold water showers and boardwalk access to the beach.

Cumberland Island Ferry will surely give wonderful experience which take tourists around island to explore Cumberland's beauty. There is also a facility of bikes which will be available for rent to explore the inner beauty of island.

Greyfield Inn
There is a sole commercial establishment in the island called Greyfield Inn, it is a 1.5-acre Greyfield Garden supplies a bounty of fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, honey, and even fresh cut flowers, making each meal at Greyfield a truly authentic farm-to-table experience. It provides a package of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to tourists.