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Dasara 2016 celebrations at Mysuru Palace

Mysuru Palace

Mysuru district has a rich history with many pre-historic sites, monuments, forts, temples, mosques and churches depicting the archaeological, architectural and heritage value of the region. The district possesses excellent fauna and flora, rivers, hillocks, lakes and a moderate climate.

The city is also known, throughout the world, for the pomp and gaiety with which the traditional Dasara Festival is held here annually during the Navaratri. The tourists would throng the city from all over the country and abroad in great numbers to witness the Jamboo Savari(Elephants’ procession), the chief attraction on the occasion in which decorated elephants walk the procession route, majestically. The Maharaja used to sit in the howdah earlier. The tradition was maintained in full vigour for more than a decade even after the country acquired independence.