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Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders endorses Indian-American Congressional candidate

Indian-American social-worker Peter Jacob

Washington, Aug 27 (UITV)- Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed Indian-American social-worker Peter, who is running for US House of representative seat in New Jersey.

Jacob’s names figures in the list of 60 other liberal Democrat candidates running for local, state and Congressional office in November’s election on Sander’s new initiative Our Revolution website.

“Raised in Union, New Jersey, in an Indian-American family, Peter understands how important a safe and caring community is to success. Through various community organizations, Peter has helped fight the ongoing scourges of child abuse, human trafficking, and disastrous Iraq War,” the website said.

Jacob, whose parents immigrated from India in 1986, hoped that Sanders’s endorsement is likely to give a big boost to his election campaign and would help him to enter the Congress.

“Everyone at our campaign is incredibly touched and thankful for where we are at right now, however, we have a long way to go. With the backing of Senator Sanders, the Our Revolution campaign, and your help, we can bring the people’s voices back to Washington,” he said in a statement.

Jacob is the only campaign selected by Sanders in the State of New Jersey. The 7th Congressional District of New Jersey is said to be a strong Republican bastion. The party has retained this seat for the last 100 years, except for six years between 1975-1981.