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Did you know about this Shiva temple in Mauritius?

Shiva temple in Mauritius

The Indian Diaspora in Mauritius. This place is present in the Indian Ocean, 2400 Kms in the south-east portion of Africa.

Its area is very small. Like smaller than Karnataka in India.

There are mountains like the Himalayas and the Grand Bassin in Mauritius should be on your ‘must see’ list of attractions. The sacred lake also called Ganga Talao represents the mighty Ganges river of India. You'll find her tucked away in the mountains of the South West surrounded by colourful Hindu temples and gods.

Grand Bassin is one most visited and the most famous of all the Hindu sites in the world.

During the 1897, the road were small and bumpy. News about the spread of the “Ganga Lake” as it is called, started flowing throughout the year. And the following year people started to walk towards the island.

The depth of the Ganga (Grand Bassin) is around 50 to 55 feet.

In 1972 a priest from India brought sacred water from the Ganges and amid much ceremonial poured the holy water into the lake. From then on the lake would be known as Ganga Talao. Ganga for Ganges and 'Talao' means 'pool'.

In the grand basin, one can see the Hindu devotees praying to the deities by offering fruits and vegetables. It’s a great place to feel the spiritual atmosphere

And there are some colorful statues in the region and the presence of the elephant god will actually add feather to the cap.

Mangal Mahadev the statue of Shiva who is a beloved Hindu deity. At 33 meters high Mangal Mahadev is the third highest statue of Shiva in the world.

Ganga Talao also called as the grand basin, is a holy place for Hindus. And all the customary Hindu rules are carried out. So if you’re planning to visit this place, then don’t forget to bring a jersey, because it can get very cold in the winter. The weather is unpredictable in the mountains.

Yes, youre most welcome to visit this place anytime in the year. There is no entrance fee and donations are always welcome.

Pack your bags to Mauritius!