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The dramatic scenes of “The Mountain Between Us” made Kate Winslet scared

Kate Winslet

Los Angeles, Aug 16 (UITV/IANS): Actress Kate Winslet felt scared while filming "The Mountain Between Us" because of the harsh weather conditions and dramatic scenes.

The actress, 41, portrays Alex Martin in the romantic film based on Charles Martin's thriller novel by the same name.

Winslet says the harsh weather conditions in the Purcell Mountains near Calgary and the scene where she came face to face with a lion frightened her, although she "loved" working on the project, reports ew.com.

"As hard as it was, as scary as it was, I really did love it. It was quite frightening, but amazing at the same time because of how spectacularly beautiful it was," Winslet said.

Kate Winslet from a scene of “The Mountain Between Us”

"I was excited by the physical challenge. I hadn't done something quite so extreme for a really long time," she added.