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Dumaguete City, a significant spot in Philippines

Dumaguete, Philippines

Dumaguete, 25 Jan (UITV) - Dumaguete City is one of the famous spots in Philippines, it is a pleasant place to relax and experience the beautiful architecture and amazing views that characterize the capital of Negros Oriental. It is the largest city of Negros Oriental province.

Beautiful beaches and coastal areas are main attractions of the city; tourists would love to spend their time in this picturesque destination. Few famous spots of Dumaguete are below.

Rizal Boulevard

Rizal Boulevard is a scenic quarter-mile lined with old-fashioned street lamps; this peaceful spot was constructed in 1916.People sit on benches the watch the beautiful views of sea.

St. Catherine of Alexandria Church

St. Catherine of Alexandria Church is one of the solid structures of Dumaguete’s rich history and culture; it is an oldest stone church in Negros.  Many Dumagueteños believed that their patroness St. Catherine of Alexandria is miraculous.

Silliman University
Dumaguete is referred to as a university city because of the presence of four universities and a number of other colleges where students of the province converge to enroll for tertiary education. Silliman University is noticeable, the first Protestant and American university in the Philippines and in Asia.

Quezon park

Quezon is the best place for families and friends, the city plaza which is in the Quezon Park is noted as most significant landmark around the city. There are many more places in Dumaguete City which surely enthrall you.

Video courtesy - Youtube (Our Awesome Planet)