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Dzouku Valley, Nagaland-A Place To Explore

This is place is in the border of Nagaland and Manipur

Nagaland. March 6. UITV. The Dzükou Valley is a valley located at the border of the states of Nagaland and Manipur. There is two ways of reaching the valley. The entry is from the foothills of Viswema Village and the exit is to the foothills of Jakhama Village both in Nagaland. It can also be reached in five hours of trek from Senapati district of Manipur. 

The valley is famous for its wide range of flower in every season. But the most famous one is the Dzükou lily.

Untouched by civilisation and splendiferous in its beauty, this valley otherwise called the flower valley of celestial charm has an tempting appeal to all who gaze it. 

Besides trekking adventure, Dzukou is also famus as destination rich in its bio-diversity, the predominant plant is the tough bamboo brush because of which it looks like a justly mown lawn from far away. Rhododendrons of different colours beatify the hills abounding the valley. 

The nearest airport is at Dimapur. One can take a bus or taxi from here to reach the valley. While the nearest railhead is at Dimapur. One can take a bus or taxi from here to reach the valley.


The serenic beauty in the valley os truly mesmerizing


Following are some beliefs about the valley:

  • The stream that flows through the valley is said to have healing effects. 
  • There is a secret dense forest behind the valley where all kinds of animals exist.
  • Apparently there is a belief that the beautiful female spirit who lives there and takes a live male every year.
  • It is also said that White elephants roam around the expanse of the valley and only few people have witnessed it.
  •  The name ‘Dzu-kou’ means cold waters. It is called so because the valley is so cold that those who visit are chilled to the soul.
  • The ancients believed that the spirits of departed people traveled along the banks of the river Kezol on their journey to the spirit world. Kezol means ‘Dark River’ as the water is dark, clear and cold.
  • Few people venture to the forest of Kezol due to its dense jungle, remoteness, formidable wild beasts and above all, association with spirits.


Video Coutesy: Youtube, WildFilmsIndia