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El Cipotegato

Cipotegato Festival

The Cipotegato is the most universal tradition of Tarazona and every year takes place on August 27th . The festivities in honor of the patron San Atilano , were declared of regional interest in 1998 and of national interest in 2009. Turasionense mythical character hooded and dressed as harlequin with yellow, red and green. The main day of the festival of Tarazona , at twelve o'clock noon, breaks into the square through an open corridor between the crowd by friends and former Cipotegatos.

Across the square, chased by the crowd throws tomatoes. If it comes out triumphant, it will be uploaded to the sculpture erected in his honor in the same square. The Cipotegato is elected annually, since 1987, in a lottery conducted among young people in the population.