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Ex-PM Navin Ramgoolam is being questioned by Police for his un-accounted money

He is been booked in a money laundering case by central crime investigation department(CCID)

Mauritius. Jan 17. UiTV.  Navin Ramgoolam was questioned about the Rs 220 million found at his home in Riverwalk in February 2015.

After checking his bank accounts, the investigators wanted to know how he got this money and the Rs 110 million in dollars found in his coffers.

On Monday, January 16, 2017, the Labor Party leader was again summoned to the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID). He was interrogated for five hours in the presence of his lawyers, Mes Shawkut Oozeer and Gavin Glover.

Investigators wanted to have details about transactions on several of his bank accounts in Mauritius and abroad. The CCID had collected information from local banks on the banking transactions of the former Prime Minister. Thanks to the Judge's Orders issued by the Supreme Court.


Ex-PM of Mauritius is been taken away in car, when he was not able to gove satisfactory explanation to the meny in his coffers to the police


Navin Ramgoolam explained that the money found in his coffers came from his per diem, his salary and donations. The police have made a record of all the banking transactions of the former prime minister over the last ten years, to determine if this money corresponded to the sum found in his coffers.

The origin of the 17 bundles of dollars freshly issued by the Federal Bank of the United States, which had passed through the Frankfurt bank, were also discussed. The investigators suspect that the currencies would have passed through the United Arab Emirates.


File photo of 17 bundles of dollars freshly issued by the Federal Bank of the United States


Questioned on this subject, Navin Ramgoolam once again availed himself of his right to silence. At around 4:30 pm, the hearing was interrupted. The police were then about thirty questions about their 60s prepared. The leader of the Reds was allowed to leave. He is awaited again at the CCID this Wednesday for the continuation of his interrogation. The case will be called this 25th of January in the court of Curepipe. The investigation is supervised by Assistant Police Commissioner (ACP) Devanand Reekoye.