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"Extradition talk is fake news" Mehul Choksi

PNB multi-crore scam accused Mehul Choksi

St. John's, Jan 29 (UITV) - “I have not been informed of any team coming to Antigua from India,” said by ‘Max’ Hurst, chief of staff in (Antigua and Barbuda) Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s office.

According to Indian news agencies, a long-haul Air India jet which contains investigating officers has been sent to Antigua for the extradition of Mehul Choksi, who holds an Antiguan citizenship.

Antigua's official has said that Choksi has brought the matter before the high court of Antigua, but he lost. He may exercise right of appeal to postpone extradition process. He cannot be extradited until the matter is before the courts.

It's been one year; Choksi had fled India in early January 2018 and took oath of allegiance in Antigua on January 15, in the same year. Efforts have been put by Indian government through diplomatic and legal channels to bring back the man behind $2 billion scam in state-run Punjab National Bank (PNB).

Few days back in an interview, Minister of Home Affairs of India (Rajnath Singh) has said that government brought the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act and there is a process under that law (to check fraud cases). He (Choksi) will be brought to India for sure. No one will be spared. Action will be taken against everyone. (According to moneycontrol.com)

In other hand, Choksi on Sunday"(27 Jan 2019) said he has full faith in the law and government of Antigua. He also said that air-craft of investigating team is fake news which is just to destroy his reputation and business.