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Faiyaz Koya, Trade and Tourism minister for Fiji shares Fijian secrets

Fijian minister Faiyaz Koya

Fiji, Feb 27 (UITV)- Fiji is an island nation in the Pacific consisting of roughly 300 islands accounting for 18,272 sqkm of earth’s surface. It has a population of about 900,000, with 40 per cent of the population being of Indian decent.

Indians and Fijians shares a marvelous warmth and to make this long-standing relationship strong, Indians have a free visa facility every time they visit Fiji, said Fijian minister Faiyaz Koya in a recent interview.

According to Koya, their ancestors were Indians by origin so he still has his roots in Kerala. Later on, a mixed culture from other countries began to power Fiji’s culture. Therefore, they always welcome Indian tourists with full of heart and open heart.

Fiji is the perfect place for tourism and film-making. Every visitor here can find affordable accommodation all the way through to exclusive 5-star resorts, bunk down in a hostel or even book an entire island. Filmmakers can gain incredible subsidies for a film shoot. The visit of Fiji will truly memorable with so much to do, say Koya.

There’s immense reason why Fijians are called the happiest people on the earth. Fiji is highly blessed with immense diversity including 333 tropical islands and friendly locals. There are thousands of attractions for the visitors including adventure, romance, luxury, beautiful sight-seeing, traditional music and dance and many more.

The connectivity is direct via Singapore now, so you can reach Fiji in great comfort.