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Fake policeman molested Indian student in UAE

Dubai, Aug 18 (IANS): An Indian woman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was kidnapped and molested last year by an man posing as a police officer, a court was told, media reported Monday.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard Sunday that the Indian student, 21, identified only as T.D., was studying in her car with her 23-year-old friend, M.J., when an Egyptian man, 30, identified only as S.A., knocked on the car window, claiming to be a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer, in May last year, The National reported.

The accused then asked M.J. for his identity card and told him to get down from the car.

"He (S.A.) said he will take me home but I told him I could do it on my own, then he threatened to file a police report, so I got scared because I had an exam in two hours that I did not want to miss," T.D. was quoted as saying.

The victim said the man drove the car in an isolated place and molested her.

"I was scared. I asked him to let me go and tried to open the door. While doing that, I saw someone passing by," she said.

The accused got scared and fled from the scene.

The victim filed a complaint with police after two days.

S.A., however, denied the charges of molestation, kidnapping and impersonation of a police officer.