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Faroe Islands: heavens of North Atlantic

Faroe Islands, Norway

Tórshavn, Feb 2 (UITV) - Faroe Islands are located between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean (and politically part of Denmark). These islands are made-up of windswept mountains, crashing waves, and jagged coastlines.

Gjógv, a village
The tourist season begins in May and ends by September, the number of visitors will be high in July and August. Tourists will fall in love with weather of Faroe Islands. The incredible nature and scenery will definitely amaze visitors.

Bus rides, horse trekking, mountain hikes and boat trips will provide you a good opportunity to explore Islands. Lucky people can witness the summer fog which creates a mystical landscape.

During winter

Food items in a restaurant
Faroese people are very friendly, many people host travelers for dinners in their beautiful seaside homes. Festivals may also play a important role in the course of travelling. Festivals add color to your travelling. G! Festival, Ólavsøka festival, Summer Festival and some other festivals are popular in these islands.

Music festival

People can see puffins in Faroe Islands, especially in the island of Mykines the presence of puffins would be high during summer time. Faroe Islands are one of the most wild and beautiful places in the world. SO, don't miss to visit these islands.

Video Courtesy - MichaelDenhamPhoto (YOUTUBE)