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FEMA definitions: Who is NRI & PIO, What is FDI & ODI, When to allot Equity Shares for CS 4

Learnlabz demystifies FEMA for CS students

Learnlabz demystifies FEMA for CS students (also for CA & CWA). How to approach & What to read!!! At Learnlabz, we make learning an interesting experience!!! For aspiring Company Secretaries / CA's / CWA's and other corporate legal professionals, we offer a wider range of learning possibilities, coupled with a lot of experimentation scope. Here, we focus on Company Secretary classes & books. Learn Labz coaching packages are just custom-made, pre-analysed and well-designed to make you the most equipped corporate legal professional about whom the industry will be equally excited. Apart from Regular Classes, we have a pattern of Crash Batch where we complete a full subject in 2 full days. Only This Much book is released for CS Executive Program & Professional Program. Listen again & again, its Only This Much!!! Video Courtesy- Learn Labz Xperiment Xcel