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Fergie took her son to “The Four”


Los Angeles, Jan 28 (UITV/IANS): Singer Fergie took her four-year-old son Axl Jack with her while she filmed for her new singing show "The Four".

The "Life goes on" singer shared a montage of the pair's day on Twitter. It featured her son dancing to some of the music that was being played, reports people.com.

"Bring your cool kid to work day," she tweeted, as the montage played "It takes two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock.

The Black Eyed Peas member shares Axl with former husband Josh Duhamel.

Fergie also discussed how she kept up a healthy work-life balance.

"As any hard-working mom knows, it is a delicate balancing act that I have to be juggling all of the time with the different schedules, the family schedules, the work schedules, I'm constantly having to have boundaries, make sure that all of those hours are in and it's a balanced lifestyle because I've got so much on my plate that sometimes I'm just a tired mom!" she said.

She added: "I've always worked all my life so I kind of have gotten used to balancing and trying to balance it all. The thing that I would like to get more of in 2018 is a little bit more me time, just to chill."