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First ever International Ramayana Conference in Fiji

A copy of the holy book, Ramayana

Fiji, Oct 14 (UITV)- For the first time in history, Fiji is organizing the International Ramayana Conference which aims to spread the message of peace and harmony, and the three day event will start with an inaugural function today from 7 pm at Suva Centre Upper Auditorium, Fiji.

More than 25 eminent scholars from across India, Malaysia, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia and New Zealand will join the International Ramayana Conference and will present on various aspects about Ramayana.

National Secretary of Sanatan Fiji Virendra Lal says the epic Ramayana is popular in the world over with messages underlining the importance of human effort and the importance of faith.

Lal says the conference aims to provide a unique platform for scholars in the field of Ramayana to come together and reflect on new ways of inculcating the teachings and values of this great epic to the people of Fiji.

To represent the Ramayana, various cultural performances by international performers, traditional folk songs and skit performances will be performed as it was done during Girmit era in Mauritius and Trinidad and a journey with Ram Avtaar Sharma on the footsteps of Rama from Ayodhya to Lanka will guide the people on Rama’s life.

Indian High Commissioner Vishvas Sapkal says Ramayana has a lot of significance in Fiji since 1879 when the first indentured laborers arrived.

The journey of three days conference is followed by Academic session, General session and Cultural evening in which various presentations by Mandalis, regional finalists, sang kirtan and chanting will happen.