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Floating villages in Cambodia

Floating village in Tonlé Sap

Siem Reap, Nov 09 (UITV/IANS) - Floating villages constitute a unique picture of civilisation, people who live on normal places will feel wonder after visiting these floating villages.

Local people
Tonlé Sap is home to these floating villages. Tonlé Sap is a lake in Cambodia, which is the largest freshwater in South East Asia. Many ethnic Vietnamese and numerous Cham communities are living in floating villages around the lake.

The people who are living around the lake earn 90% of money by catching fish in lake. There are five provinces circled by Tonle Sap Lake with three million of population (approximately).
The way of life in Tonle Sap is deeply intertwined with the lake, the fish, the wildlife and the cycles of rising and falling waters.

Boy with snake (shocking sight)
Which is famous floating village in Tonle Sap?
The answer is Chong Khneas, it is 15 Kms away from Siem Reap town. The boat trip in Chong Khneas takes two hours to explore floating households, markets, fisheries, clinics, schools, basketball course, pigsty and other boatloads of tourists.

Chong Khneas

During rainy season, the depth of water is 14 meters with 10,000 square Kilometres water surface and in dry season, the depth of water is 2 meters with 3,000 square Kilometres.

During dry season

So, Tonlé Sap Lake is one of the most unique ecological water wonders in the world. In 1997 the lake was designated as a protected area under UNESCO's Man and Biosphere programme.

By Adithya Dithu


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