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Flowers Bloom, a line launched to celebrate Indian legacy in Guyana

Designers Hashim Alli and Melicia Partab-Alli

Bengaluru, June 30 (UITV): Nachle Designs has launched its first line this year as ‘Flowers Bloom’ to celebrate the legacy of Indian heritage in Guyana.
During Indenture period just like other colonies of Britih,  Guyana also served as a land for Indian migrants for survival purpose. Indian migrants had faced many problems to safeguard their culture in British colonies.

After 180 years of Indian legacy in Guyana, descendants of Indian labourers are enjoying the freedom with great joy. In May 2018, 180th anniversary  has been celebrated by Indian descendants to mark the arrival of Indians to Guyana during British period.

Hashim Alli and Melicia Partab-Alli, Both  are Indian descendants have started Nachle Designs and designing costumes which represent Indian culture. In this year, they have launched ‘Flowers Bloom’ celebrate of Indian legacy brought to them by their fore parents from India so many years ago.

“Flowers Bloom is a celebration of our legacy brought to us by our fore parents from India so many years ago. Today our history is so rich and diverse... from the Eastern to Western and Southern to Northern depictions of our clothing. Flowers Bloom brings this reality for us here in Guyana by using one of our most exquisite heritage ‘the Sari,’” designer Melicia Partab-Alli said in a release.
They have designed beautiful costumes relating to saree which is a gift of pure Hindu tradition.
For women to conserve and nurture Hindu culture, it is necessary to always wear a saree. In Hindu Dharma, extreme importance has been given to why a woman should wear a saree.

Flowers Bloom will reveal also the different ways the sari can be worn on different occasions: a wedding, a dinner, or even a casual occasion. Every subject in Hindu culture is based on the science of Spirituality. So, all Indian descendants in various countries have the responsibility to preserve Indian culture which is great in every angle of life.