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The former Chief minister asks for CBI probe into the brutal abduction and murder case of twin brothers

Chitrakoot, February 25: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, visited the home of the 6-year-old twins who were abducted on  February 12. The bodies of the twin brothers were found in a river with their hands and legs tied. Police said that they were thrown in the river alive. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that "Attempts are being made to twist the incident. Why didn't investigating team find success in case? I'll like to tell CM (Kamal Nath) to give this case to CBI. Culprits must be hanged." But what the former CM seems to be forgetting is Cases of abduction of women and girls had gone up by 755 per cent under the Chouhan government between 2004 and 2016.Kidnapping and abduction of women and girls incidentally saw a 163.8% increase from 14,506 cases in 2002 to 38,262 cases in 2012.The number of cases of abduction of women was 584 in 2004, which went up to 4,994 in 2016.During Chouhan's 13-year-rule, 30,000 murders, 46,000 rapes and more than 2.25 lakh heinous crimes were reported. According to the Crime in India 2016 report – a compilation of all categories of crime registered under the Indian Penal Code and other laws for the period between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 – while Uttar Pradesh accounted for 9.5 per cent of all crimes reported in India, BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh – the state where the saffron party first initiated its Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign – recorded the highest number of rape cases.Thus presenting a mirror the data of Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led Madhya Pradesh, where the BJP had been in power since 2003, repeatedly reported an increase in rape cases and also been ranked the highest among all states when it came to incidence of rape.The conviction rate is very low and 79 per cent of cases were pending in courts as of 2017-end.

The discovery of the bodies of 6-year-old twin brothers on Sunday, more than 10 days after they were kidnapped at gunpoint from their school bus near Nayagaon in Chitrakoot on February 12, give rise to widespread protests as people came out on road in large numbers to protest. Chouhan had given his reaction immediately when the news broke about the twins murder.

The angry mob gathered ransacked the Jankikund shopping complex, not very far from where the boys were kidnapped.

The police reportedly had to fire tear gas shell to disperse the mob, which had gathered after news spread that the twin brothers were thrown alive into the river with their hands and legs tied.

Satna district collector Satendra Singh ordered the probe after the twins’ father, Brijesh Rawat, alleged they could have been saved had the police raided the premises of a local trust, where the boys were reportedly kept. Rawat alleged the twins were taken to Uttar Pradesh in a vehicle, which carried a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) flag, and that Ram Rajya was written on its number plate instead of the registration number. Therefore the BLP leader Chauhan should also be reminded of the dark scam of Vyapam that occured during his time and was followed by several murders of the witnesses but remains unresolved till today.

Police allegedly did not check the vehicle at Madhya Pradesh-Uttar Pradesh border because of the BJP flag even as Chitrakoot was on high alert following the kidnapping.

BJP spokesman Rajneesh Agrawal said chief minister Kamal Nath and top police officers have been talking about the flag since the arrest of the kidnappers to deflect attention from their failure in saving the twins. “They must answer who stopped the police from taking action against the criminals. The fact is the state is facing anarchism and murders... loots and kidnappings have become the order of the day since the Congress came to power .” Officials said the role of the school management would also be looked into to see whether adequate arrangements were made for children travelled from and to their homes.
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath also condemned the murder of the abducted twins – Devansh and Priyansh. The six-year-old twin brothers were found dead and their bodies fished out from Uttar Pradesh, Banda district. The Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh police launched a joint operation in the case, but could not find success. However, six people were arrested in the case and the vehicles used for abduction seized by the police on Sunday.