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Georgetown University becomes first US College to hire Hindu priest as chaplain

Mr. Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan, a Hindu priest as a full-time campus chaplain

Washington, Sep 9 (UITV)- Georgetown University just became the first college in the U.S. to hire Mr. Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan, a Hindu priest as a full-time campus chaplain. The move is being considered as an intriguing one for a Jesuit school rooted in the Catholic tradition.

Sharan, indeed, the first-ever Hindu priest to serve in such a role, though monks, who have less training as well as laymen, have reportedly served as campus chaplains at the US colleges in the past.

Sharan has a plethora of religious training as well as an advanced education. In addition to training in India to become a priest, Sharan holds a doctorate in Snaskrit. He was trained as a priest in India before receiving his PhD in Sanskrit at the University of Edinburgh.

As for anyone who might be surprised that Georgetown has hired a Hindu priest in light of its Catholic heritage, school officials had a message: The College wants every student to grow spiritually during his or her time at the university.

His hiring comes after a felt need at the university, as 300 Hindu students are currently enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programs at the university. Saran, too, said that the College wants students to gain a “deeper understanding of their spiritual self and their place in an interreligious society.”

Sharan has also taught in the UK and advised over 20 temples across the globe and has previously served as “honorary Hindu chaplain” at the University of Edinburgh. In addition to his role as director for Hindu life, Sharan will also work as a chaplain-in-residence for first-year students at Georgetown.