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Good news for Indians in Saudi Arabia

Indians in Saudi Arabia

It is the construction firms that made the large impact in the giving the employment opportunities to the Indians in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has assured India of addressing difficulties being faced by retrenched Indians who were employed with construction giant Saudi Oger and Saad Group, the Gulf country's leading conglomerate.

Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh said Saudi Arabia has also conveyed to the government that it will extend exit visas to Indian workers, one way return ticket to India and will waive fines on resident permit. This was said in the aftermath of a question posted to him in the lower house of the parliament.

The external affairs minister of state, VK Singh replied in the following way. "The Saudi authorities have assured us all possible assistance to the affected Indian workers of these companies including waiver of fines related violations, providing exit visas and one way return tickets to India. The process of repatriation has already begun and 4,358 Indian workers have returned so far,"

Despite the large chuck of people who did well in Saudi Arabia, earning a lot of money for their families back home.

Hundreds of Indian workers, employed with Saudi Oger and Saad Group, have lost their jobs primarily due to slowdown in Saudi economy, triggered by low oil prices and cut in spending by the government.

The Saudi authorities are also facilitating transfer of sponsorship, wherever possible, of the affected workers from their present company to other companies on gratis basis. This was told by Gen. VK Singh in a furious voice in the parliament.

"A significant number of affected workers have also availed transfer of sponsorship to other companies," he said.

In reply to a separate question, Mr Singh said an Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC) in Gurgaon and an Indian Workers Resource Centre in Dubai have been helping the Indians intending to go abroad for livelihood as well as the overseas workers on all aspects of overseas employment.

"In addition, five Migrant Resource Centres (MRCs) have been set up in Kochi, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Chennai and Lucknow to provide information and counselling for intending migrants about the procedure for legal migration and precautions to be taken while migrating," he said.

The ministry of external affairs, New Delhi spokesperson told that the many such centres will be opened in Riyadh, Dubai and in many such places in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, Indian official people are making a lot of effort in making that these steps count and making the policies and programs get implemented in the best perfect way possible.