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Grenada’s “First Indian Arrival Day”

Grenada’s Indian Community

St. George’s, April 29 (UITV): The Government of Grenada has been officially declared 1st May as Indian Arrival day. Last week, Grenada’s Minister of Culture, Brenda Hood revealed government’s decision. According to the government source, the country will celebrate 1st May as both International Labour Day and First Indian Arrival Day.









Brenda Hood, Minister of Culture, Grenada

Organization of Indian council has been welcomed the decision of Grenada Government. President of New York based Indian Diaspora council, Ashook Ramsaran told “We welcome this official declaration by the Government of Grenada and express IDC’s gratitude to Shadel Nyack Compton for her determination ad efforts to preserved and promote Indian history and culture in Grenada.

Ashook Ramasaran, President of Indian Diaspora Council

On the other side, a representative of Trade Union Council of Grenada, Senator Ray Roberts applauded Indians and Indo-Grenadian committee for their contribution in Grenadian society.

This year is 160th years of first Indian arrivals in Grenada. On 1st May of 1857, about 3,200 Indian labours had been brought by British from Calcutta to this Caribbean Island.   

Grenada, an island country of 348.5 km2

Written by Ujjainee Chakaraborty