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Guess the new US Envoy – Nikki Haley says Trump

Indian born Nikki Haley

Yes it is not the news in the air. Nikki Haley will serve as the US Envoy to the United Nations.

Remember her? She is in the Indian born, who is presently the governor of South Carolina. Many media sources say that the courier service provider have made it clear that ‘Nikki’ has accepted the role of the diplomatic position and the real announcement is going to be made in the later stages of November 24th.

At the cabinet level postion, Nikki Haley is the first appointment in the cabinet for the president elect Trump. She has work experience in trade and labour issues but has very little experience in foreign policy

She is the same women, who once went against raising her voice against Trump and in the end, during the fag end of the president trump’s campaign she went with him and said he is the right president.

The relationship between Trump and Nikki has gone from being cordial to being professional. There was a time when Trump had said that Nikki’s immigration stance was weak. This statement was made when Nikki, the governor of South Carolina had welcomed immigrants into her state.

The negative allegations goes like this. When Trump, the billionaire turned politician went on speaking about the immigration policies, Nikki Haley went on to say that “Trump, if elected as president, will be a nightmare to all of the governors”

In October, Nikki Haley changed her stance and said that she will vote for Trump even though she was “not a fan.”

When Nikki met Trump in the Trump in the trump tower, the discussions were made on national security and US military are in sync with GDP of the country.

She denied some of the Trump policies like temporary ban on Muslims entrants into the country.

Nikki, as a governor has been commended for handling the floods in Carolina and consecutively racial fights in the church which resulted in shooting.

So this information is in the favour of Nikki. And if so, it happens to be real then she would replace the Lieutenant Governor McMaster of the Obama government and she mst aso be accepted by the US senate.

On being the US ambassador to the UN, she would replace Samantha Power, who is presently the US Envoy to the UN since 2013.

Haley is currently serving her second term as governor but has little foreign policy or diplomatic experience. This has led to questions being raised about her qualifications for a high-profile position at the world body.

When the reporters ask about the view that she has on Trump, she said “I never disliked him. He was a friend and he has been every cordial to me in all our previous meetings. But, when I see something and feel uncomfortable, I say it”

Look out fellas, we have a new Indian-Amercian taking the centre spot on the world stage.

Uff, these Indians are everywhere……!