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Guyana celebrates its 50th Independence Anniversary

President David Granger takes the Presidential salute at the Golden Jubilee ceremony on Wednesday evening (Samuel Maughn photo)

Guyana, May 27 (UITV)- Guyana celebrates its 50th Independence Anniversary after centuries of being colonized, and as the country moves on, President David Granger said focus would have to be placed on ensuring that a sustainable path was paved for future generations.

In his Independence address to the nation, the President pointed to the fact that independence allowed Guyana the opportunity to adopt its own symbols of nationhood, such as its own flag, anthem, national awards, national motto, festivals and monuments.

The Head of the State noted that the country’s foreparents laid the foundation for creating this unique new nation. “We can enjoy freedom today because of their consciousness, their courage and their commitment to the cause of freedom,” he stressed as he recalled those martyrs who struggled and made sacrifices that eventuated into national independence.

The Cooperative Republic of Guyana was granted independence from the United Kingdom on May 26, 1966, and became a republic on February 23, 1970.

President Granger went on to recognize the contribution of the past Presidents and the previous Administrations all of whom played a significant part in adding to the country’s development. However, political independence demanded more than just symbols and sentimental expressions, but also created the need for new institutions to preserve the country’s achievements, to promote the development of the nation and to protect the rights of the people.

“Our mission for the next 50 years must be to expand the economy to ensure equality, to improve education, to protect the environment and to provide employment to all,” President stated, adding the Guyana has beautiful resources, both human and natural, to achieve this vision.

In order to achieve these goals, he suggested that the country must realign its economy to generate the wealth that would allow the poverty reduction. This includes improved and sustained higher economic growth in order to raise the entire population out of the depth of the extreme poverty.

The President concluded his speech pointing out that Guyana’s Golden Jubilee is an opportunity to strategies and plan ahead in order to fulfill obligations to future generations.