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Guyana President David Granger on sustainable development in New Year Speech 2017

A representational picture of The President of Guyana

Guyana. JAN 5/ UITV. At the very beginning of the speech he said, country in which there is a very large population of youth - I think it’s well over 60%

The president has always said during my campaign, that the country belongs to the youth and the Scouting Association has been in Guyana for over a century and it has always played an important role in the development of youth.

National pride was evident at home and in the diaspora as we celebrated our Jubilee year in 2016. We shall be even prouder as we apply our assets and abilities in this new year to move faster and further along the path of economic growth.


A representational picture where the president is seen dining after his speech on solar and Suautainable Development.

His Actual Speech went like this:

Public trust was enhanced when, for the first time since 1994, our communities were re-empowered to elect councillors in local government elections. Residents were happy that we established three new towns in the hinterland – at Bartica, Lethem and Mabaruma – to stimulate development away from the coastland. Freely elected councils and local democracy will strengthen communities which are the bases for richer regions and a prosperous country.

Public safety will improve. We have seen the clearest sign, also, that the unlawful and unreasonable claims to our country’s territory will be set on a definite course for settlement at the end of this new year. Our vigilance to protect our people and our patrimony against all threats to our territory will not be diminished.

My take on President of Guyana:

President David Granger: It’s all-important. We cannot fail to prepare young people. As I said our territory is vast and we want to see engineers, we want to see businessmen; we want to see people going into mining and construction - development of our infrastructure.


A representational imgae of the President, where he firmly believes the growth of Guyana in the Enebry sector.


President David Granger’s last words in the speech:

The ‘green state’, this year, will become an engine of economic diversification.  Our flora and fauna and luxuriant natural vegetation – the coastal lowlands; the highlands; the grasslands; the wetlands; the sand belt; the lakes, rivers, rapids and magnificent waterfalls and  the evergreen, montane and rain forests – will further catalyse our eco-tourism and eco-education sectors by emphasising our biodiversity.

The ‘green state will diversify our economic base and promote increased value-added production.

The ‘green state’ will demand that we strengthen our efforts in science and technology education and quicken the adoption of information and communication technology. ICT will facilitate greater connectivity between the coastland and hinterland; stimulate the services sector; improve the delivery of public services and enhance the competitiveness of our economy.

We belong to a beautiful, blissful, bountiful country that possesses abundant natural resources. We must care these resources. We must conserve their use for the benefit of present and future generations.

The people of our great country can look forward to the new year with hope.

Happy New Year 2017.