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HAZZA Launches Global Payment Network

Tyrone Lynch, Founder of HAZZA Foundation Limited

Which credit card do you accept…? Is this question even relevant anymore??

Why is it that in 2018, consumers and merchants can’t freely transact with each other? They are still forced to use cash or only limited types of cards, creating inconvenience for consumers and lost revenue for merchants.

In the age of technology, these limitations stifle innovation and should not exist. However, the new era of innovation has arrived – Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Now begins a whole new model of business engagement that rewards first movers willing to adopt this technology to their industry.

Blockchain at the underlying payment infrastructure level?

HAZZA takes an existing payments infrastructure platform and merges it with blockchain, fixing the underlying problem of payments. HAZZA revamps the entire legacy payments ecosystem model, which has traditionally been based on closed, competing networks, that clog up the ecosystem and cause friction and high costs between payment participants.

HAZZA Network’s open access model allows any merchant, payment service provider, issuer, acquirer, device manufacturer or any participant to join the self-service network, using HAZZA Tokens.

The end results are merchants being able to accept any payment method on the network quickly, including traditional cards, e-wallets and now cryptocurrencies. Merchants and consumers will finally be able to transact in the way they prefer, not what is forced upon them by the old ways… which haven’t changed in decades. This results in convenience, reduced costs and increased revenues.

HAZZA is now raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO) in which HAZ tokens are being sold until April 2018. HAZ tokens have a limited supply and will be used by the payment institutions around the world to join the network.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a new form of investment model that reduces barriers to entry, allowing people looking to diversify into blockchain technology.

Why are ICOs so popular?

If one invested equally in all ICOs, the average return typically outperforms most other traditional investments. According to Coinist.io, the average ROI of the top 100 ICOs is 44,363.50%.

What are the good ICO fundamentals of today and how does HAZZA fit in?

  • Any ICO related to payments

Bitcoin brought us from the internet of information to the internet of value, but what use is it if you cannot spend the bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in real life? Crypto traders are aware of this problem and as a result, payments-related tokens like HAZZA are doing very well on the markets.

  • Experienced team and partners

The Founders of HAZZA each have a 20+ year experience in the payments industry, and their technology partner, VAPHR Inc, is led by some of the most seasoned blockchain and finance experts in the world.

  • Building upon an existing product, not selling an idea

While ICOs that are just selling a plan and a whitepaper do well, the best performers are applying blockchain tech to an existing business or platform. HAZZA is migrating an existing proven technology to blockchain – with no downtime. It holds the highest certifications, including the strict PCI-DSS Level 1 industry security standards.

  • Business model allows for easy entry by institutions

Institutional players are quickly realized that blockchain is here to stay and are currently scrambling to assess the markets. Payments processing is a requirement of many – small merchants to large conglomerates.  This is what is HAZZA’s core business.

  • Token utility is useable on day 1, not entirely speculative traders

The ICO tokens should be traded on the secondary markets for not only its speculative value, but also for its utility. Since HAZZA has a participant base on day 1 of its launch, the participants will be required to purchase HAZZA tokens on the secondary markets to use the HAZZA network – further driving demand.

  • Tokens that allow access to broad platforms or networks

Broad platforms that allow for an economy with it typically generate better returns than projects that have a very specific functionality. Currently 25+ of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization fall under this category of platforms or networks.  HAZZA is potentially the broadest of all as it is an OPEN network for all payment participants globally… not limiting to just traditional or crypto payments.

Ok, but what makes HAZZA the secret winner?

  • Their core engine is capable of both traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • They are changing the payments ecosystem from within, at infrastructure level. Most previous payments ICOs are merely participants on the ecosystem – but HAZZA itself IS the ecosystem.
  • First movers in terms of payment infrastructure solution adopting blockchain – Currently there is no ICO that competes with HAZZA.
  • HAZZA is like the internet of payments… an open platform that removes the blockages, enables disruption and allows natural evolution to occur in the industry.

Please contact the founder: Tyrone Lynch
HAZZA Foundation Limited
Email: enquiries@hazza.network

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