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Healthcare company launches family protection scheme for NRIs in UAE

Family protection scheme for NRIs in UAE

Dubai, Feb 25 (UITV)- The Dubai-based, India-rooted Aster DM Healthcare joined RAK Insurance and Reliance Life Insurance to launch “Arise” – a family protection for Indian living abroad (NRIs) to provide protection to their families living in their country of origin.

ARISE, designed to protect NRIs and their families from unexpected expenses brought by situation needing medical attention like illness or accidents.

Indian Ambassador to UAE TP Seetharam launched Arise in Dubai, saying that it can benefit most of the NRI community members at home in India.

The healthcare group said the insurance scheme provides services across 6,000 hospitals in India, providing life, accident and hospitalization coverage, which will be “beneficial to expats based in the UAE with family members residing in their home countries.”

“ARISE is a good example on how we can encourage our fellows to prepare for the future and be protected when an unfortunate situations comes. We thank everyone involved in this venture for thinking about the needs of NRIs,” Indian Ambassador to the UAE, TP Seetharam said.

Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare Dr Azad Moopen said that ARISE is an economical and convenient, life and hospitalization insurance scheme for NRIs allowing them to extend care to their families in their homeland.

The scheme can be available through any hospital in the network of the Third Party Administrator but offers benefit from the coverage of outpatient consultation that are exclusive in the hospital networks of Aster DM Healthcare in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

It is the first NRI protection plan of its kind offered outside India to benefit the community in the home country.