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Hilary’s first 100 days as President revealed!

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

All the eyes of 318.9 million people of the US and also the entire world, will be on the second presidential debate on the coming Sunday night on 6th Nov 2016. Yes, the race is for the highest and the powerful office in the whole world. The White House!

The presidential debate will be conducted in St. Louisa. It is in the anticipation of the two giant leaders, who, one among them will be crowned a office bearer for the next four years, till 2020.

Their debates have been mostly on

  • On poverty elevation ladder
  • Job generation
  • Broadband connection to all houses etc

And to boost the US economy Hilary’s idea comprises of:

1.Create jobs with a big government investment in infrastructure

2. Make college debt-free for all

3. Encourage companies to share profits with their employees

4. Make the rich (and Wall Street) pay more in taxes

5. Put "families first" in the economy by raising the minimum wage, enacting paid family leave and expanding preschool for all.

In her first 100 days in office, Clinton vows to enact a massive $275 billion investment in infrastructure. This would fix America's roads and bridges and expand technology access, creating good-paying jobs, she said.

15 minutes segments of each of the three topics will be debated over on this Sunday’s night: America's direction, achieving prosperity and securing America.

"The heart of my plan will be the biggest investment in American infrastructure in decades," she said. "When your paycheck grows, America grows.” These words of Mrs. Clinton certainly raises alarm bells in all her haters mind and propels her in the path of eternal win and taking US forward in the light of victory.

Middle class taxes are leveraged by Clinton:

Mrs.Clinton is firm on the point that she will not raise taxes on the middle class. She defines the middle class as a wide group of people in the US, as those earning under $250,000 a year. Instead, she says she'll fund her proposals by making the rich pay more in taxes.

Mrs.Clinton wants to enact a so-called rule called the “Buffet rule”, named after the billionaire Warren Buffet, that would make anyone crossing over $1 million to pay 30% of taxes. And also there would be a surge of 4% on incomes over $5 million

Pre-school available to all children is her main motive and also to enact paid family leave so new mothers and fathers can take time off without losing their job or income entirely. She is very stringent on the fact that the average age of the worker in the US is $7.25 (nationally) and she has promised efforts to raise it to $12 as minimum wage.

The “Profits” have to be shared according to her!

The profits have to be shared among workers in any organization who main aim is not focusing on welfare economics. She said “I will get businesses to share their profits among the contributors to the profit”

Many professor in the US Ivy-league universities have said that the above idea is Mrs.Clinton’s best idea, which has not received much attention. They mentioned that Americans deserve a higher pay and she has mentioned it by keeping in mind of Inflation effect as well, foe which the Federal Reserve advisories need proper mentoring every now and then.

Think of it like that this. When a company makes a ot of money, it gives a share of its profits to its workers, in the form of a commission. And Mrs.Clinton’s proposal is to make a percentage of tax exemptions to these companies, who show authenticated proof.

This idea is not new. Over the years the corporate firms which have encouraged their employees to buy stock, have drastically declined now. Today’s stats tell us that its only 9% of people have stock in their companies but 20 years back, it was 28%.  

On a concluding note, Hilary has got the venom bite for counterpart Trump, whose living on this earth started with a silver spoon. Does he really understand the middle class public of the US?