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Hillary Clinton hires Sanders’ top student organizer to win youth demographic

Kunoor Ojha with Bernie Sanders

Washington, June 15 (UITV)- Hours after President Barack Obama virtually extinguished his run for the White House by endorsing his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has hired Kunoor Ojha, an Indian-Anerican youth activist from Illinois, who was part of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This is the Clinton campaign’s first major hire and is aimed at garnering youth support.

Ojha will serve as the Clinton campaign’s national institute of Technology. Ojha began her political activism as a field organizer on ‘Obama for America’ campaign in Chicago in 2011, and worked in various state level campaigns before joining the Sanders bandwagon in 2015.

Sanders attracted more support from voters under 30 years old than Clinton and Trump put together – staggering 71 percent in two-vote race, which kept him in the nomination hunt long after it became clear he wouldn’t make the cut. Ojha will serve as the Clinton campaign’s National Campus and Student Organizing Director, tasked with listening to young voters and convincing them to back Clinton.

Now the Clinton campaign is moving quickly to ensure that the Sanders’ youth brigade remains firmly in the Democratic fold. Ojha has plenty of experience in this area, having worked as a field director for political campaigns tasked with organizing volunteers and ensuring Election Day turn-out.