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A Hindi Song to Woo Indian Diaspora in Britain: “Theresa ke Saat”

Present British Prime Minister Theresa May

United Kingdom, May 30 (Uitv) - A Hindi song has been released by Britain’s ruling Conservative Party to woo strong Indian diaspora in the country.

Nearly 1.6 million strong diaspora is present in the country.

The song ‘Theresa Ke Saath’ which has been specially composed for the June 8 general election is produced by Conservative Friends of India (CFI) co-chair and UK-based Indian businessman Ranjit S Baxi, calls on Indian-origin voters to back May as Britain’s Prime Minister for the next five years.

The team who has designed the song states that the song is composed especially to promote connectivity with the 1.6 million British Indians to support Theresa May, Who will provide strong and stable leadership for Britain and growth of the British economy.

“Every vote for May is a vote for stronger Britain with the benefits felt by everyone across the country. We need a country that works for everyone. May wants to build a strong trade partnership with India and engage actively with the British Indian community,” it adds.

The song has been written, composed and produced by Pandit Dinesh with vocals by British Indian artists.The music, set to Indian beats, is by Milan Handa, Chris Nolan and Mauro and the video features snapshots of May during her visit to India in November 2016 and dressed in Indian outfits at various community events in the UK.

Pandit Dinesh

A similar Hindi song had been released by the same team to call for former Prime Minister David Cameron’s victory in the May 2015 general election.“Neela Hai Aasman (Blue Sky)”- The song had called on voters to join hands with Cameron then, who went on to win a majority for the party but had to resign as PM following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (EU) in the June 2016 referendum.

See the Video below:

Video Source: Youtube