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Hongcun, an epoch-making village

Arresting state of Hongcun

Yixian, July 20 (UITV) : Spending leisure time in the current era is a big deal, one wants to spend the time in sightseeing, shop for souvenirs and country products, Elegant Dining, a ride to country side, grabbing history.

Hongcun village would be the best choice to fulfill all above desires. It is situated in Yixian County in the historical Huizhou region of southern Anhui Province, China.

Mirror reflection of houses in lake

Its long history, country scenery, and well preserved buildings dating hundreds of years have gained a place in the list of World Heritage. Two eyes are not enough to see Hongcun, which has Huizhou traditional local culture, building techniques and landscape design.

A fantastic view in the night

Hongcun Village is a well-preserved traditional Chinese village with 140 old residential buildings left from the history which date back to Ming and Qing dynasties. Architecture and carvings of over 140 ancient residences are definitely worth seeing. One will surely appreciate the splendid wood carvings on the beams and columns after visiting Hongcun.

Geomancy of the village is excellent, The allocation of the whole village looks like the shape of cow, The horns of the cow is the old green and shadowy trees which are spreaded on whole mountain, body of the cow is the long lines of buildings, the glittering lake is the belly of the cow, crooked man-made canals which run through houses are the intestines of the cow, and four wood bridges near the village are the legs of the cow.

Delicate wood carvings in the Chengzhi Hall

Chengzhi Hall, one of the biggest residences which is open to visitors. It is also a typical residence museum. The woodcarvings which were carved the crossbeams, pendentives, doors, and window pillars are stunning

Charming landscapes, morning mists, gray tiles, white walls, stone bridge, water lily ponds, and verdant hills will surely give heavenly feeling. It creates a scientific living environment, which is also full of affection. It's one of outstanding villages of China with traditional domestic houses.

Written by Adithya Dithu