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How Can You Use Video Marketing To Grow Your Business In 2020 (Updated Guide)

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As a consumer, you may have noticed the sudden influx of videos on various platforms. Whether it is your Facebook or Twitter, all feeds are dotted with interactive videos that are either telling a story, educating the viewer, or giving a product demonstration.
Naturally, the shift towards video as a medium for marketing your business is no accident. Considering that internet users spend approximately 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online videos, businesses need to get a video marketing strategy in order!
Here is the latest and up to date guide on how you can ride the video marketing wave and grow your business:

Establish the Video Marketing Goals

Depending on the nature of your business, your video marketing goals will change accordingly. For instance, a startup may want to gain brand awareness while an established business may want to accelerate their sales.
Typically, the most common marketing goals include:

  • Build brand value and create awareness
  • Build trust and showcase your offerings
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Educate or empower customers for lead nurturing
  • Boost sales
  • Increase website traffic

Align your video marketing goal with the overall business goal. Once you have the main goal outlined, you can start creating and promoting videos as per these objectives.

Connect With Your Clients

You could be a small mom and pop business or a large conglomerate. You could be a tiny construction company just figuring out how to find construction projects for bid, or a massive corporation that builds skyscrapers. What matters is how you tell it to your clients. You could write a whole wall of text on your “About Us” page, but a simple 30-second video will capture a wider audience.
Businesses are using videos to strike an emotional chord with their users. Videos allow customers to see the people behind the company and connect with them. It allows you to present your brand as raw and human - as a living, breathing organism.
Here are a few video content ideas to get you started:

  • Company Mission and Vision
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Promos and teasers
  • Product videos
  • Explainers
  • Who’s Who

So whether you are using a promo video maker for dropping a teaser or publishing a full-blown case study, you can interject videos at any stage of your marketing and lead nurturing strategy to maximize its effects.

Stay Consistent

To get more engagement on your videos, you need to be consistent for the viewer to trust you. Think of posting as a trust-building activity. When you fail to publish, you lose the audience’s interest and the momentum that you have built so far.
Rather than focus on a one-hit-wonder that will make you viral, try to stay more consistent while interacting with your audience. Keep hitting them up with short videos to keep them engaged until you drop the high-production offering.
In addition to creating a regular video publishing schedule, also maintain consistency in your video content. Ensure that the video reflects the brand voice and bears the logo. To make this process easier, you may create a video template for uniformity.
Thus, if you have an online intro maker, use it to grab the user’s attention right from the very first second! Mix and match it up to keep the viewers hooked to your videos.

Send Videos in Mailers and Newsletters

Video marketing has waved goodbye to the days when companies had to invest time and effort into creating cleverly crafted newsletters and product demos.
2020 is all about instant gratification offered by attractive videos that cut right to the chase. So whether you are launching a new product or getting in touch with the users who have fallen off the grid, try connecting with them through videos!
Having a video within an email can improve the click-through-rates (CTR) by a whopping 96%! Naturally, high CTR will result in improved conversions. You can improve the open rate of your emails by including “Video” within the email’s subject line.
Of course, while using this strategy, keep the videos short and test it for playability. You may include a teaser with a CTA where users can navigate to view the entire clip.

Optimize Your Videos

For textual content, you had keywords and other SEO considerations. But what happens if you are marketing through videos?
Well, the rules of SEO still apply. Here are a few actionable tips on optimizing your videos:

  • Include keywords within the video title, tags, and description. It serves as the metadata for your videos.
  • Make use of transcriptions and closed captions to make videos discoverable on search engines.
  • Customize your video thumbnail and optimize it to encourage users to view it.
  • Use a video player that optimizes and plays content even when the user bandwidth drops.
  • Ensure that your video plays consistently across various devices.

Get Creative

Creativity is one of the most fundamental blocks to create and develop your video marketing strategy. It could be the vehicle that propels your business to success! Consider brands that became overnight sensations and household names simply because they were successful in producing a highly creative video resting on an absolutely unique idea.
Feel free to explore your options and have fun with videos. One of the greatest advantages of video lies in the fact that it is extremely versatile. From animations to well-planned skits, you could use any medium to present your brand.
Play around with ideas, shoot the videos, and utilize the best video editing tool for Mac to get polished results. Not every video may end up getting published. But the ones that do will leave behind a rich legacy for your company.


Wrapping it up

2020 appears to be the year for video marketing. So now is a good time as any to join the bandwagon and use it to highlight your brand. In addition to all the steps mentioned above, do remember to monitor and analyze your video marketing strategy for the best results.
Formulating a video marketing strategy is not a one-off thing. You need to stay vigilant for the best results. There will be several trends that will gain traction, while others will die out. It’s all about knowing what to do when!