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How Indians evolved and reached the peak of success in New Zealand and Australia

Sikh Indian in Australia

Wellington, 13-Nov-2018 (UITV) - Do you believe that Indian Diaspora in Australia and New Zealand has 250 years of history?
Very hard to believe isn't it. But it's true. The path in which Indian Diaspora has travelled towards success is very tough.

If stories of Indian Diaspora are heard from anyone, stories would be mostly regarding Indian migration to North America and the United Kingdom. Australian and New Zealand stories have rarely been told.

Indian Diaspora struggled a lot in these two countries to reach a certain position in both countries.
Dr Todd Nachowitz who is working as a Research Associate in University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand has identified the first Indians to set foot on New Zealand soil with the help of Historian John Dunmore’s translations of early ship’s logs, along with additional archival sources.

Mamouth Cassem is the first name in the original log, probably that name must be Mahmud Qāsim from Pondicherry in 1755. The second name is Nasrin from Bengal on the muster roll. The names indicate that both men were Muslims. Unfortunately both died in Peru on 14 April 1770, according to records.

Migration of Indians had been increased during Nineteenth and early 20th-century. Imperial networks formed by East India companies in various countries are reasons behind circulation of people. Many Indian diaspora faced racial discrimination.

According to the 2011 Australian census, 390,894 people of Indian origin lived in the country. On the other hand New Zealand census recorded 155,178 people of Indian origin in 2013.
The Indian community in the both countries is vast and serving in various fields for the upliftment of their living countries.