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Hyderabad NRI, Bharath Muhari shines in Australia

Bharath Muhari also known as Brad Muhari

New South Wales, Oct 20 (UITV)- Bharath Muhari also known as Brad Muhari in New South Wales State, has been awarded the ‘2016 Affiliated FM Statewide Mutual Risk Management Scholarship’ in Australia where he currently resides. Bharath works at the Tamworth Regional Council as a Manager for Risk and Compliance.

Muhari’s submission highlighted detailed information about the implementation of Council’s Risk Management processes during the Tamworth Regional construction, a business Continuity Planning report, and Event Risk Management for large scale events such as the Tamworth Country Music Festival and Nundle Go-For-Gold Festival.

The scholarship will see Muhari travel to the Affiliated FM Training Centre in Boston Massachusetts.

Muhari said he is very privileged to be this year’s recipient of the award. “I am grateful to Council and my team for giving me the opportunity to present a paper on our risk management initiatives. The trip to Boston will provide me with an opportunity to learn from the industry experts to continually improve on managing property and safety risks,” he said.

A four-day workshop will be held at a training centre in the USA, where Muhari will learn more on property loss prevention techniques. The scholarship prize includes return airfares, accommodation and travel expenses.