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ICA's helping hand to Indo-Caribbean communities

Indo-Caribbean Alliance Inc

New York, 21-Nov-2018 (UITV) - Indo-Caribbean Alliance (ICA) is Queens-based group in New York City which has aimed to promote and empower Indo-Caribbean communities in the city.
As we all know, India has a large Diaspora in the Caribbean islands due to the British Indentured system. More than a half million Indians had been migrated to the islands during British rule in India.

ICA consists of 10 board members and several volunteers, who work diligently to affirm its community members by propelling their visibility through programming and workshops. Immigration services and support are top in the priority list of ICA just like many immigrant communities.

ICA faces tension often from folks for supporting who say one racial group. They usually get question like this - “Why are you separating yourselves?" which would be just adding fuel to the fire.
The overall goal of the ICA is to advance the Caribbean community in its entirety. ICA supports Caribbean-based organizations groups through functions, marches, and fund-raising. ICA doesn't consider whether groups are Indo-Caribbean focused or not.

“We always welcome volunteers to reach out to us because we are always looking for creative strategies and learning from our community,” said Vice Chair Artee Perumal.
ICA was founded five years ago with a mission to serve and advocate for the Indo-Caribbean community in New York City.