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Import of Peru's Avocados to India


Bengaluru, July 26 (UITV): Camet Trading(Peru) has tied up with the IG international(India) to supply fresh Peruvian avocados all over India. Camet Trading is a dynamic and modern company focusing on the production, processing and marketing of fresh and processed fruits of the highest quality, for the most demanding consumers worldwide.

Coming to IG International, one of leading fruit supply companies in India which has 21 Wholesale Outlets spread from East to West & North to South, the market and the distribution centers are abuzz with the juicy, colorful & quality fruits bought to the consumers by IG International Pvt Ltd from the global/ Indian market.
IG International imports 31 global varieties of fruits from across 22 countries and distribute all over India by its widely connected network.

 “Our vision at IG International is to provide Indians with the freshest and healthiest fruits from around the world. We are therefore thrilled to bring healthy and tasty avocados to the Indian masses through our partnership with Camet Trading. Indians are diversifying their palate when it comes to fruits and vegetables, and are now adding exotic foods like avocados to their daily diets. We envision avocados becoming a staple fruit in Indian households, just like apples and mangoes.” Tarun Arora, Director, IG International said during meeting.

Enrique Camet, general manager of Camet Trading, added, “Our main mission lies in satisfying customers across the world with our variety of delightfully fresh fruits. Through our partnership with a leading player like IG International, we are certain that we will get positive response from India for our avocados, grown using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology. We hope for a long and productive association with IG International, a company that is equally enthusiastic about fresh fruit consumption.”

Both variants Hass and Fuerte of avocados have been exported by Camet Trading, and it is one of the leading exporters of Hass avocados in Peru. Hass avocados are quiet popular and consumed in more numbers all over world.